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Call your Licenced Building Inspectors today!

Child Safe Windows

To prevent a tragic incident where a child is injured or killed after falling from a window, locks are mandatory in strata buildings. Falls are the most common cause of injuries in children. Over 7,500 children are admitted to NSW hospitals each year due to a fall. CTP Inspections recommend removing objects and furniture away from windows, In 2011 across NSW, 35 children were hospitalised after falling from a window.

Are there any alternatives to locks?

The alternative is security screens, such as bars or grills on the windows so long as they have gaps less than 125 mm and Withstand a force of 250 newtons,Flyscreens do not comply unless they are the reinforced security type and capable of resisting the very strong outward pressure which would prevent a child falling through. Owners’ corporations will be fined up to $550 for non-compliance. Owners who obstruct an owners’ corporation can also be fined.


  • Do all windows above the ground floor comply with BCA requirements for windows in elevated applications?
  • In the event of an emergency, would windows fitted with guards/latches/locks be able to be opened to facilitate safe egress
  • A flyscreen is not strong enough to stop a child from falling out of a window. Have you selected an appropriate and secure guard for your operable windows to prevent a fall?
  • Are beds and other furniture kept away from windows so that children cannot climb up to windows?
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