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Call your Licenced Building Inspectors today!

Pre-Purchase Pest and Building Inspections

Get reassurance that your property is safe.

Pre-purchase pest and building inspections are conducted to visually identify the condition of a property prior to finalising the purchase. As a property buyer or investor, a pre-purchase inspection is very important and may even be a condition of your purchasing contract. The inspector will identify major and minor defects, safety hazards and structural damage and faults within the property and provide an easy-to-understand report that summarises the identified issues. At CTP Pest & Building Inspections, our pre-purchase inspections are conducted in line with Australian Standard and legislation. We service Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and Central Coast regions for pre-purchase pest and building inspections. Our inspectors are skilled and licensed builders who are fully insured and experienced in the inspection industry.

Pre-Purchase Pest & Building
Pre-Purchase Pest & Building newcastle

What’s included in your pre-purchase pest and building inspection?

Pre-purchase pest and building inspections are considered a combined inspection and involve assessment of both building and pest related activities.

The visual appraisal will identify major and minor defects and safety hazards within the building structure including cracks, structural damage, rust, rotting, wear, and tear. It also includes a full visual inspection for timber pest activity and/or damage caused by termites, borers and wood rot. It also includes assessment of conducive conditions found on the site from any previous termite treatments. 

A thermal inspection will also be conducted to detect for high levels of heat or moisture and identify areas of concerns throughout the property.

What areas are inspected in my pre-purchase inspection?

The inspection will comprehensively cover all areas of the property including:

  • The interior of the building 
  • The roof space
  • The exterior of the building
  • The sub-floor space
  • The roof exterior
  • The property within 30 metres of the building subject to be inspected.

Are pre-purchase pest and building inspections compulsory?

Having a pre-purchase pest and building inspection conducted is generally a condition of the purchasers’ contract when you agree to purchase a property. The purpose of the clause within a contract is to protect the buyer so that they are making a fully informed decision. It also allows buyers to have better negotiating power to get a better price if there have been faults and defects identified that require attention.

Pre-Purchase Pest & Building
Pre-Purchase Pest & Building

Why is a pre-purchase pest and building inspection so important?

A pre-purchase pest and building inspection is crucial because it allows you to know the major and minor defects of the property and make an informed decision when purchasing. Having valuable information will allow you to prepare for costs associated with repairs and maintenance or otherwise negotiate a better price for purchase from the seller.

What happens after my pre-purchase inspection with CTP?

CTP Pest & Building Inspections understands that time is of the essence when you are purchasing a property. Your easy-to-read report will be delivered to you within 12 hours of the completed inspection in an electronic format. The report will also have the details of the inspector so that you can reach out to them for any questions you have.

Once you have read the entirety of your report, we ask you to reach out to your inspector with any questions or concerns you have to discuss. The report is designed to assist you in making an informed decision based on its findings.

The purchase of the property is ultimately the decision of the buyer, but at CTP Pest & Building Inspections, we aim to provide sound advice that you can rely on to support your purchasing decision.