Call your Licenced Building Inspectors today!

Call your Licenced Building Inspectors today!

Building Defect Inspection

Have your property checked for defects with an inspection from CTP Pest & Building Inspections

Building defect inspections are an essential component of pre-purchase considerations as well as building general maintenance. The inspection specifically focuses on building defects, both major and minor and structural integrity. The inspection will determine whether the property is safe for habitability or whether structural improvements need to be made.

PCI/New Building Handover Inspection

What is the focus of a building defect inspection?

Common building defect inspections will check for the presence of defects including:

  • Concrete spalling
  • Water leaks
  • Tiling cracks and grout defects
  • Building cracking
  • Timber splitting
  • Structural defects

Your CTP Pest & Building inspector will check both the exterior and interior of the property for the above and prepare a comprehensive report that details their findings.

Where will CTP inspect during a building defect inspection?

As part of your building defect inspection, your inspector will assess:

  • Roof area to check for loose sheeting/tiles, holes in the roof, structural inconsistencies, and cracking
  • Floors to assess for uneven flooring, cracks, splitting and tile inconsistency
  • Interior and exterior walls to check for cracks, unevenness, and structural defects
  • Doors and windows for cracking, locking, and latching, and security concerns
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What happens after your building defect inspection?

After your CTP inspector completes your inspection, they will provide you with a comprehensive, easy to understand report with detailed accounts of their findings. The report will show with photographic evidence identified defects within the property to be corrected and addressed. We encourage you to call your inspector directly to discuss the report and have any questions or concerns answered.

Why is a building defect inspection important?

Getting a building defect inspection provides homeowners, property managers, and potential future owners with transparency about the condition of their property. The report is real, accurate and unbiased and gives individuals confidence about potential costs involved with repairs for identified defects. Building defect inspections are also conducted for safety to ensure that properties are compliant and able to be lived in. They are an essential part of maintaining a property and should be completed to ensure the safety and comfort of your family.