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Methamphetamine Testing and Reporting

Protect your family with thorough and reliable meth testing and reporting for your home in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, and Central Coast

Methamphetamine (also known as meth, ice, or crystal meth) is an illicit substance that is rapidly growing in occurrence throughout Australia. More and more commonly, people illegally manufacture and use meth in their homes and as a result, contaminate the surfaces of their home including walls and floors. Meth leaves an odourless and invisible residue behind which can only be detected using proper testing methods. It is dangerous for you and your family and if ingested or absorbed through the skin, can cause serious health problems.

meth testing
MTK testing certificate.
positive result meth testing

Description: Showing the rapid test on the dwellings level 2 bathroom side of the separate toilet internal door with no lines showing on the “T” Line showing a Strong Positive result to meth contamination.

How do I know if meth was used in my home?

There is no way to know if methamphetamines have been used in your home without testing. If a property has been contaminated with meth, it will deliver a positive result on proper rapid methamphetamine testing conducted by CTP Inspections if the levels are higher than 0.5μg/100cm². At this level, exposure is considered high risk and can be harmful to both humans and the environment.

What happens if humans are exposed to meth?

There are many known side effects of meth exposure. The most apparent health risks include:

  • Breathing difficulties which can exacerbate existing lung conditions
  • Skin and eye irritations
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness

Meth exposure is particularly harmful for children and effects are worsened for younger humans. Don’t take the risk and get your property tested for meth before you move in. It will provide you with peace of mind for you and your family. For more information, please refer to Australian Government Clandestine Drug Remediation Guidelines published in 2011.

When should I have my property tested for meth?

Methamphetamine testing should be conducted at various points in a property’s lifecycle.

  • Pre-purchase – If you suspect that meth has been used or manufactured in the property that you are looking to purchase, getting a pre-purchase meth test conducted by CTP will provide you with peace of mind and assurance that you are not going to experience decontamination cleaning costs or unnecessary health risks after you sign your contracts.
  • Homeowners – If you suspect that someone has been using meth in your home or previous owners may have been exposed, get your home tested for meth by CTP Inspections.
  • Landlords – Once your tenants have vacated a property at the end of their lease, invest in a rapid room meth test to ensure that your property is clean and safe for the incoming tenants.
  • Renters – When looking to rent a property, take the time to get the potential property tested for meth to ensure that your new home is safe, and no contamination has been left behind by the previous tenants.
  • Property Managers – When managing a property, it’s due diligence to have testing completed between tenants in both commercial and residential settings. This means that if contaminants are found, current tenants are responsible for cleaning charges rather than new tenants. 
Methamphetamine (Meth Testing & Report)

Description: Showing the rapid test on the dwellings kitchen benchtop with 2 lines showing and the “T” Line faint so a partial positive result to meth contamination.

What meth testing services are available at CTP Pest & Building Inspections?

CTP Pest & Building Inspections offers a wide range of meth testing screening services to meet your needs.

  • Limited rapid field test – CTP takes swabs from 5 selected rooms (as per the customers choice). On testing, the result will either be positive, negative, or partially contaminated. If a positive result is indicated, CTP Inspections will always recommend further lab testing to determine the level of contamination.

All inspectors at CTP Pest & Building Inspections are qualified and trained to conduct meth testing for your property.