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Timber Pest Inspections

Avoid costly timber pest damage to your property with a timber pest inspection from CTP Pest & Building Inspections

It’s not surprising that one of the smallest creatures can cause significant damage and problems for your property. We are talking about timber pests. Very common in properties throughout Australia, timber pest damage caused by termites and wood borers as well as wood rot caused by moisture and dampness, accounts for a significant amount of repair costs to homes and properties yearly. That’s why timber pest and visual termite inspections need to be conducted regularly, especially in homes where timber pest pressure is high. 

PCI/New Building Handover Inspection
PCI/New Building Handover Inspection

How do I know if I have termites/timber pests?

There are ways to determine if you have timber pest and moisture related issues from visual inspections to thermal imaging cameras. The inspectors at CTP are experienced in timber pest and rot identification and prevention and a simple inspection is likely to save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs when detected early.

What is involved in a timber pest inspection?

A timber pest inspection involves both a visual and technological assessment of the structure to determine if there is a presence of timber pests and/or signs of moisture and wood rot. The inspection will look for signs of active timber pest infestations as well as previous activity and conditions that make your property more susceptible to attacks. Your CTP inspector will provide you with a comprehensive report on completion about the results of your timber pest inspection for management strategies, required repairs and eradication of infestations.

Timber pest inspections include assessment of the main structure of the property as well as surrounding timber components including fences, trees, stumps, sheds, patios and pergolas. 

Inspection Highlights
Inspection Highlights

What is the purpose of a timber pest inspection?

The most obvious purpose of a timber pest inspection is for identification of termites, borers and wood rot in your property. Our inspectors will also provide:

  • Evidence of timber pests including photos indicating exposure and location of the infestation
  • Identification of safety hazards caused by the presence of timber pests.
  • Damage severity if timber pests are found to determine the scale of repairs required
  • Susceptibility factors that contribute to the likelihood of your property being infested with timber pests
  • Remedial strategies and protection methods to prevent termite infestations from occurring

Why should I get a timber pest inspection?

Getting a timber pest inspection provides you and your family with valuable peace of mind that your property is safe, and the presence of timber pests are not detected. It can be surprising to some to learn that damage caused by timber pests is not generally covered by standard home insurance policies so getting an inspection allows you to determine if you are going to experience out of pocket expenses from timber pest infestations.

At CTP Pest & Building Inspections, our inspectors have years of experience in identifying and providing advice on remedial strategies to eradicate termites, borers and wood rot. We utilise the latest digital thermal imaging technology to identify and locate potential infestations and provide you with expert advice on steps to take to reduce the severity of these infestations. For peace of mind, get in touch with CTP Pest & Building Inspections to organise your timber pest inspection.