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Thermal Imaging Inspections

Get peace of mind for your property with advanced thermal imaging inspections from CTP Pest & Building Inspections

Thermal imaging inspections utilise advanced thermal imaging cameras and moisture detectors to detect anomalies that are unable to be seen by the naked eye. It measures temperatures within surfaces throughout the property. These technologies allow inspectors to check for defects within a property that traditional visual methods may not be able to identify.

thermal imaging for pest inspections in newcastle
Pest & Building Inspections with Thermal Imaging Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens & Central Coast

What can a thermal camera detect?

Modern thermal imaging cameras are incredibly successful at detecting defects within a property. This may include:

  • Termite infestations
  • Roof leaks
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Moisture spots and dampness behind walls and floors
  • Insulation that has been poorly installed in the walls and ceiling
  • Missing insulation

Thermal imaging for termite detection

One of the primary uses for a thermal inspection is to assist with the identification and assessment of termites. When termite damage has been identified via visual assessment, or there is an indicative level of moisture present, it is generally a good indicator of termites. You CTP inspector can use a thermal imaging camera to pinpoint the location of the active termites in your property.

Inspection Highlights
thermal imaging for pest inspections in newcastle

Thermal imaging vs traditional identification methods

In the past, before the adoption of thermal imaging, traditional inspections involved drilling into building materials such as walls and floors to identify signs of damage or moisture. Inspectors would also tap and knock to listen for the presence of termites or sounds of hollowness. Thermal imaging has seen some of these methods retired in favour of technology. They certainly give a more accurate result and better peace of mind for you.

Why is a thermal imaging inspection important?

Homeowners and prospective property buyers face the challenge of trying to manage defects purely based on visual assessment. A thermal imaging inspection goes beyond that and allows inspectors to identify issues that ordinarily wouldn’t have been seen without a thermal imaging camera or moisture detector. It allows you to make informed decisions about your property based on the results. Get your thermal imaging inspection completed alongside your pest and building inspection with CTP Pest & Building Inspections today.